Belting Edge Photos

  • Bluethan round belting

    Blue is the new and improved green. It’s made from the same high end PU but looks so much better and certain ranges carry an FDA rating for food production.

  • Corrugated Side Wall Belting

    The production of candy in a dry environment.

  • Custom Timing Belts with slots

    Form, Fill and Seal belting is something that every snack food producer would make use of, some with holes other just smooth.

  • Fairpak Packaging (MW12 Flush Grid)

    We offer belting to a variety of shrink wrap tunnel suppliers.

  • Linatex Coated Belting

    Coatings and Custom fabrication of these coatings is what we do in-house. We welcome OEM development business.

  • Plastic Machining of Sprockets

    Center Drive for corrugated board production. Plastic modular belting used to convey cardboard sheets

  • Roof Tile Production

    Long run round belting installation. We offer PU and Polyester round belting.

  • Alligator Fastener Installation

    Metal Fasteners are a quick and easy way to join belting to a conveyor. This also allows the belt to be removed easily.

  • Attachments for timing belts

    Timing Belts are pitch specific and this serves as a perfect way to add dividers or pockets to belts for packaging.

  • Baarder Belting

    We process loads of custom Baarder Belts for the fishing industry. All we need is a sample of the original and the rest is up to us.

  • Belting Equipment

    Equipment, more specifically top of the range equipment allows us to produce what other cant. It also cuts down time on site and improves the consistency of the job.

  • Bristle Belting

    These belts cushion the fall of various fruits and veggies. A sizer will grade the fruit and then drop it onto the Bristle belt for packaging.

  • Can Production Belts

    This is huge business for us and we have modular belting perfectly suited for every application.

  • Cereal Processing Food Grade Belting

    Cereal might be cost effective but it still needs to be processed correctly in a clean and effective way. Our Belts are FDA, USDA and 3A Dairy certified.

  • CNC Routed Plastic Parts for conveyors

    CUSTOM PARTS is our business. We have worked with multiple OEM's and have developed and serviced some amazing components.

  • Coated Timing Belts

  • Cold Meat Production lines

  • Conveyor Belts for Rusk Production

  • Conveyor Production

  • Cooling Tower

    Simple Cooling towers are a great way to process products when you are on a budget. We can offer tiered conveyors and spiral conveyor for any budget.

  • Corrugated Board Production

    This industry has come a long way and plastic modular belting is the safest and most economical way to move cardboard.

  • Corrugated Board Timing Belts

    Specialized off-set timing belts are becoming a hot topic and we have them in stock or can make them for you.

  • Counter sunk holes for conveyor belting

    Depanning belts for bakery production can be seen as an engineering marvel. We have a video on YouTube of this in action, check it out.

  • Curve Conveyors

    Generally modular belting is best for this application but if no infeed and outfeed is possible then you can use a radius conveyor belt.

  • Custom Hole Design for belting

    Timing belts are very precise and when holes are added to can create a vacuum to hold product and index as required.

  • Custom Laser Cut Holes for Vacuum Applications

    We can cut 2-3mm diameter holes in record time. Any design is almost possible.

  • De-Icing conveyor belts

    This is something unique to our offering. We can reinforce flights on plastic modular belt. This really prolongs the life of the belt.

  • De-Panning Belts for Bakery Production

    We can machine the holes and we can supply the inserts used to hole the sucker cups.

  • Double Sided Timing Belts

    Rubber based or PU steel cord we have you covered. Generally these belts are off the shelf.

  • Double V-Belt Extruded PU

    Double V-Belts in PU are a great self-tracking system that can work at high speeds. These belts are very hygienic.

  • Dough Production Belting

    Raw Dough is a nightmare to process as it sticks to everything. Fabric belting is a big help we also have Diamond impression belting.

  • Draw Down Belting, Form Fill and Seal

    Another set of custom drawdown belts for a reseller in Durban.

  • Draw Down Belting, moulded coatings

    You want stock well every month we bring in top up stock and pre-ordered custom belts.

  • Easy to Clean Plastic Modular Belting

    Modular belting is very easy to maintain and service but a nightmare to clean. Our design is one of the easiest to clean in the country.

  • Extruded Round Belting

    If you want limited contact between the belt and the product being conveyed then round belting is for you.

  • FDA Food Grade Belting

    Only the best at Belting Edge. We don’t mess around with any products that will come into direct contact with food.

  • Fish Factory Production Lines

    From filleting lines to value added application we do it all.

  • Fish Heading Belts

    Very popular on most fishing trawlers. We can offer the belt with CNC punched holes along with the top and bottom blocks.

  • Fish Production Lines

    Waste is always an issue therefore most of the trimmings find themselves useable for further processing.

  • Fishing Piano Belts

    Also used to cut off the tails and the heads of the fish.

  • Food Grade Side Wall Belting

    Side walls and cleats are all produced in-house.

  • Food Grade Timing Belts

    Timing Belts with food grade coatings are in high demand due to their flexibility when customising.

  • Full CNC Workshop for the production of sprockets

    If its plastic we can generally make it. We have a full in-house draughting office.

  • Grape production conveyors

    Wine Season is a great season. We make loads of these belts every year and some of the wine we assist with on the production makes its way all over the world.

  • Handtman Hanger Belts

    Sausage Belts are very specialized and we have capitalized on this demand. If it conveys sausages and you don’t buying from us then you are paying toooooo much.

  • Handtman Sausage Belting

    Center Groove and Cross Groove belts are a standard for us here at Belting Edge. We generally carry stock of the standard sizes.

  • Haul Off Belting

    Extrusion of cables has a very specific belt requirement. One that tracks the belt as it runs but then gives grip to pull the cable through. We can offer all of this.

  • High Frequency Welding

    This really is the best way to fit a cleat or side wall to a belt. No glue is used just heat to melt the two components together.

  • Holes punching of conveyor belts

    Holes punched in specific pattern, we can do it and we can do it really well.

  • Hollow Round Belting

    Bluethan and Redthan belting products offered. We also prepare and install the required belting.

  • Horse Shoe Cleat Production

    Want a slight curve in the centre of your belt to channel the product towards the centre we can offer this as a standard. Wine industries love this.

  • Incline Conveyor fabrication

    Conveyors don’t get better than this. Beautiful system we built for the processing of raw dolomite. You can’t even hear the conveyor when running it’s so smooth.

  • Incline conveyor for crisps

    Your favourite snack made on our belts. Next time you climb into a packet of chips think of us as we have most likely been involved in the process.

  • Incline conveyors

    We can build and install some interesting conveyors. This one was used for the production of Nachos.

  • IQF Freezers and Belting

    Below freezing is where it happens when it comes to long life products. We offer wire mesh spiral cooler belting.

  • Large production custom timing belts

    The more the merrier. We offer favourable pricing for large order production runs.

  • Mail Sorting Belting

    Quite a tricky belt to fabricate but if an original sample can be supplied we can reverse engineer an effective equivalent.

  • Mesh Belting for the drainage of veggies

    Great way to drain water or transfer air. Cooling towers or Screening of waste material applications.

  • Metal Detectable belting

    We have 12mm and 25mm pitch plastic modular belting, both offered in a solid and vented profile.

  • Metal Detector Belting

    This application was for the processing of frozen meat blocks used in the production of high end dog food.

  • Mince Meat Production

    Full packaging lines can be offered, supplied and installed.

  • Motorised drum rollers

    Great concept and if maintained correctly it can give you many years of great service life. However spares are scares and expensive.

  • No Spill Conveyor Belting

    If you want to keep a product contained during an incline.... Look no further.

  • One inch plastic modular

    Belt is running around a 75mm diameter sprocket.

  • Onsite conveyor maintenance

    We are a 24 hour service supplier. We carry consignment stock for our key customers and have been in business since 1995.

  • Piano Belting

    3ply FDA PVC White, coated both on the top and bottom of belt. Sealed edges are an optional upgrade if required.

  • Pizza Production Conveyors

    Coating of pizza bases, the use of round belting to ensure over basting is recycled.

  • Plastic Belting for shrink wrap tunnels

    We manufacture heat resistant belting. we can also supply the standard wire mesh.

  • Plastic belting to hold product in middle of belt

    We can supply many different profiles.

  • Plastic Gear Production

    Nylon and Acetyl machined parts.

  • Plastic Sprockets for modular belting

    We make sprockets for our in-house belts along with a wide variety of competitor’s belts. Sprockets are one of our top production runs.

  • PLK Belting with Cleats

    Off-set cleat fabrication is a great wat to process hard unstable products. This belt was used for the production of coal.

  • Polyester Mesh Belting

    easy belt to clean and comes with a variety of different open areas.

  • PU Extruded Profiles

    We offer loads of different shapes and sizes. we also supply and service the splicing equipment.

  • PVC Extruded Profiles for the belting industry

    Grape Harvesting belts. This is a local supply of a Gregwa Grape Harvester.

  • Rough Top Belting

    High Grip belting for corrugated board production. We offer a variety of gripping profiles.

  • Round Belting working as a conveyor belt

    Round Belting used in a case packaging machine. 100 cartons per min.

  • Routed Timing belts for vacuum applications

    Blue Food grade coating.

  • Rubber incline belts

    This was for the Monkey Falls ride at Ratanga Junction.

  • Sanitary belting

    Positive Drive Monolithic belting. High End food grade belting.

  • Sausage timing belts

    One of our top supplies when it comes to coated timing belts.

  • Scale line for meat production

    Fabric less belting is perfect for these applications.

  • Shrink Wrap Tunnel Belting

    Wire mesh belting and metal sprockets can be supplied and installed.

  • Side Wall Plastic Modular Belting

    One of the longest belts running in Africa.

  • Soft Drink Production Belting

    We offer all related timing belts, plastic modular belting and flat conveyor belts to the beverage industry.

  • Specialized Cleat production

    Custom requirement for recycling plant.

  • Specialized Steel Chain for Food Industry

    If it’s a heating or cooling application, we have the perfect belt.

  • Spiral Cooler Production and servicing

    If you have a cooler we have the belting for you. We also machine sprockets to custom requirements.

  • Splicing of round belting

    Tool to install and service roof tile belting.

  • Stainless steel conveyor systems

    Stainless Steel is to us a standard to what conveyors should be built out of, it’s ridged and looks beautiful. Food conveyors are our focus.

  • SuperDrive

    positively driven conveyor belting, holes waterjet cut into the belt.

  • Superdrive PU belting

    Superdrive PU belting used for veggie production.

  • Timing Belts with routed profiles

    Double Grooves and specific pitch holes punched.

  • Timing Belts with routed side supports

    Sausage belts with custom routed holders.

  • Tracking guides for Stainless Steel Belting

    We weld unique stainless steel products.

  • Transmission flat belts

    Multi-drive belts and timing belts available.

  • Trio Fishing Belts

    Fish skinning belts. Baarder Fish Production.

  • Wash down systems for plastic modular belting

    This is fast becoming the way to clean plastic modular belting. One can also look at installing a steaming blade. more info on

  • Welded reinforced Plastic Modular Flights

    Increase your lifespan in de-icing applications. Fish production.

  • Wire Mesh Belting

    If used in frying application or if used in coating applications we can supply all types of wire mesh along with the required sprockets.

  • Wrap production for Mexican food

    Cooling towers and packaging systems can be designed and developed in-house.